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College Open Textbooks

College Open Textbooks (COT) is one of the premier resources for locating and adopting open-licensed textbooks and other Open Educational Resources (OER). Each year, many thousands of educators, administrators, and students visit COT.

COT offers:

  • Over 850 titles, curated specifically for two-year colleges—but also appropriate for many lower-division courses at four-year colleges. This means COT can potentially benefit millions of students.
  • A comprehensive catalog of links to resources hosted by a wide range of online repositories and other sites.
  • Peer and accessibility reviews of selected titles.  Our peer reviews rate each work on eleven criteria and provide summary comments by the reviewer.

In addition to open resources, COT offers what we call Affordable CARR (Copyright, All Rights Reserved.) While we are strong supporters of open resources, we recognize that students benefit from access to all affordable materials, open or otherwise. We expanded to include Affordable CARR in 2013.
Since 2008, College Open Textbooks has heightened attention on two-year colleges, a vital segment of higher education that was once underserved by the open-education community. It is also proving an invaluable service to educators who wish to produce open textbooks.

Visit collegeopentextbooks.org.